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At night it can be difficult to locate houses and identify addresses by name or number because most house signs are not designed to be found and read in the dark. Even the emergency services, doctors and ambulances can have problems finding individual residences despite being familiar with an area.

Alsigns-Surelite creates robust "Permaglo" house signs that use inbuilt encapsulated hydrogen gas light-source technology (tritium) to give round-the-clock visible identification, bringing many practical advantages:

  1. Your house becomes easier to find, especially on moonless evenings.
  2. The sign contains its own source of cold light and so your house is safe from any risk of electric shock or fire.
  3. The sign is easy to install, maintenance-free and costs nothing to run - once in place, it will shine with a luminosity equivalent to moonlight, continuously for 25 years (ie. the life of the encapsulated tritium).
  4. The illuminated house name and/or number is housed in a black anodised aluminium frame for style and weather durability.

With a "Permaglo" house sign, your home is safer.

The finished product is made to BS 5499 : Part 2 (governing British standards of manufacture for safety signs, notices and graphic symbols) and its luminosity is effectively guaranteed for 25 years. The first and only cost is usually approximately £150-£250 (depending ultimately on size, being governed by the sign lettering required), plus VAT and a nominal charge for postage, insurance and packing overseas or inland.

If you require a replacement house sign or business plaque, consider a guaranteed maintenance-free self-illuminated sign and contact Alsigns-Surelite for a cost quotation.


Signs that incorporate encapsulated hydrogen gas light-source technology (tritium) to provide industrial, military and domestic users with a fail-safe and maintenance-free means of permanent indicators, usually for safety purposes.

Click to read information Independent Certificate of Compliance of Signs to BS 5499. Permaglo signs meet British standards of manufacture for safety signs, notices and graphic symbols.

Click to read information Standard Universal Mount Assembly instructions. Our Permaglo signs are easy to mount in minutes, whether fixed to walls or ceilings.

Click to read information Cost Comparison of PERMAGLO and ELECTRIC Signs. Permaglo signs cost more to buy than battery/electric signs but cost nothing to run for 25 years!

Click to read information Intensity of Gaseous Tritium (H3) Light Sources The luminosity of Permaglo® light-sources is equivalent to the brightness of earth in full moonlight.