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The Surelite division of Alsigns has been in the energy-free light source industry for over twenty years, supplying luminous borosilicate glass tube products for exit signs and other advisory or warning artefacts etc., as well as emergency escape indicator units for the shipping industry, aircraft, submarines and the building services industry. Begun in 1987 as FIRE AND SAFETY TRAINING (BOREHAMWOOD) LTD, the company name was changed to ALSIGNS SELF-LUMINOUS LTD in 1991 and then ALSIGNS [BEST-SURELITE] SELF-POWERED LTD in 2001 before the present ALSIGNS-SURELITE LTD in 2009.

Our technology as applied in the civil market in this country is new and we are the only company in the United Kingdom practising it. It is a method of illumination superior to the traditional electric lighting of Swann/Edison origin and it is called hydrogen light, currently in use with many advantages in difficult terrain such as deserts, forests, mountains and also off-shore and it excels in all industries and climates (construction, cinemas, schools, hospitals, historic buildings, in fact everywhere).

The signs (which are the main trend in this technology's development and acceptance) have a life of twenty-five [25] years and do not require any maintenance while displaying illuminating signs which are always lit over that time such that their light is visible in inverse proportion to the artificial or natural light surrounding it: further, hydrogen light is a cold source and so is a better lighting technique than the traditional electric filament light, normally encountered because it does not contribute to the risk of fire which is the chief danger of its rival conventional incandescent light.

Many government, military and civil authorities are now moving towards its adoption because of its reliability and economy of maintenance and over the long term (two and a half decades) of cost and management savings. It is not obstructive of other trades or other stages of installation because this can be done in two minutes for each sign at the end of building operations and when all other trades have left the site.

Alsigns' signs carry messages of all kinds (warning, safety, prohibition, hazards, direction, safe condition exit signs) and can be used to control traffic and to convey information on highways and motorways. They are their own source of energy and contribute impressive uniform light, which can be seen in full daylight by contrast of colours or in darkness by their own source of light at one hundred metres plus.

  About Staff

The staff are family oriented (employing several brothers) and their dedication, experience and excellence has been marked in the firm's output throughout its spheres and markets world-wide. Their aim and the company's endeavour has merged in the pursuit of safety and reliability for military, industrial and domestic users. Surelite's philosophy is to provide, at the most economical price, the opportunity for people to live safer lives - free from danger or risk.

Power Glow Key Rings  

Our product lines are wide-ranging, extending into all industries across the globe, and the Alsigns group's expertise is guided by its liaison with universities, learned societies and professional institutes. Committee work with the building industry's innovation committees is strongly maintained. Our links page carries details of the BSRIA, SaRS, ERA (Leatherhead) and other organisations concerned with standards of safety and reliability.


Right Arrow and Man
Permaglo Safety Signs
Exit Sign and Man

"Permaglo" signs are exclusively manufactured by us at Alsigns, the holding company of Surelite.

The "Permaglo original" exit sign [with text/running man or an arrow/running man] is our de-luxe product, formed from black anodised aluminium, say 355 x 225 x 39mm approx in size, not needing cabling, of 20 years' life, and mounted in two minutes, and it can be seen at 100 plus metres.

It has been independently tested to the criteria of B.S.5499 by ERA, Leatherhead, and passed. It has also been independently assessed by BSRIA, Bracknell.

We like to arrange a special price per customer, depending, for example, on the individual circumstances such as distances involved in supply and volume. We have achieved appreciable business in China and they are especially keen business-persons.


Permaglo contracts have been won for hotels and cinemas (particularly multiplexes) in all parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, both for exit signs and for male/female/disabled toilet signs. Approval has also been granted by London's local Borough authorities for cinema uses, and it follows that Surelite's items are acceptable in clubs and dance halls as they are coupled in the governing legislation.

House Sign


Alsigns-Surelite also offers personalised location signs. Door numbers and house names have featured as an exciting and successful initiative undertaken by us. Even in this case, safety, is a part of the selection procedure, because in the many ill-lit areas in our modern conurbations, where an incident demands speed and quick response from the safety services it would help enormously, if, say, the doctor, ambulance or perhaps the police even, could readily find the location of the problem by following the permanently illuminated, unwired door number or in the favourably spaced luxury residences the house name that is visible, day or night, but needs no maintenance.


In the dark, especially, the "illuminated key rings" we fabricate are an aid in so many tense and strained instances where one is attempting to find something, to mark the location of a utility or to pin-point the key-hole (and it's easy to find other things in your bag if you've tagged them with a "power key ring").

Our acrylic-clad nightlights for nervous children offer just enough light for assurance, but there are also other novelty and gift uses for this type of product which are in demand - for keys, belts, caps, guyropes, sports bags, kit, fishing tackle etc...


We are also able to offer a range of markers such as direction indicators, aiming posts, map readers and personnel lights. If you are in one of our major civil or military service branches, Contact us at Alsigns-Surelite for suitable trade terms.

Power Keyrings

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